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The teaching of how to make money marketing information on the Internet has gone from an honorable, honest profession to a hype-filled, slime-infested jungle.

Each day, the claims get more and more outrageous: 'I made $1 million in 17 seconds on the Internet!' one promoter screams. 'Join my Delta Mega Force Team today and get a Rolls Royce with your first affiliate commission check,' another shouts even more loudly.

Does brag-and-boast advertising like this - especially from so-called marketing gurus you never heard of before -- make you skeptical? If so, we invite you to join Fred Gleeck's and Bob Bly's Info Product Central.

It's our new and exclusive membership site - a place where you can learn how to create high-value information products ... packed with utterly pragmatic, actionable content ... and market them ethically -- and honestly -- on the Internet.

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About Bob Bly

Bob Bly is a full-time freelance copywriter specializing in direct marketing. He earns more than $700,000 a year and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s. A copywriter for more than a quarter of a century, Bob has written promotions for over 100 clients. McGraw-Hill calls Bob “America’s top copywriter”.  Read More

About Fred Gleeck

Known as the ‘King of Content,’ Fred Gleeck is widely recognized as a highly ethical, no-hype marketer of information products. The creator of 300 products and author of 15 books,  many consider Fred to be one of the best (if not the best) teacher of ‘how to make money selling information products online.’  Read More

Here's what you'll have INSTANT access to:

  • Videos

    Streaming video of Fred and Bob teaching information marketing and related business topics

  • Audio

    A collection of mp3 files of speeches, presentations, seminars, and lectures given by both Bob and Fred on marketing-related topics.

  • Download Products

    Bob and Fred sell e-books ranging in price from $19 to $49 and up, and here you can download a selection of these e-books on information marketing at no cost.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

    A place on Facebook where Info Product Central members can hang out, chat, and have discussions online.

  • Email Access

    Concierge level access to Fred and Bob through private e-mail addresses for members only to ask questions and get advice—up to one e-mail communication every week.

  • Webinars

    Attend Bob and Fred’s upcoming webinars. You can also access an archive of past webinars in the Audios page.

  • Articles

    Dozens of articles by Fred and Bob on information marketing, copywriting, marketing automation, and related business topics.

  • Special Reports

    Bob sells these 50-page reports on his business web site for $29 each, but you get them here free! Topics include copywriting, public relations, business success, and many more.

  • What's New!

    Fred and Bob add new articles, reports, e-books, audios, and videos monthly to help you enhance your skills, grow your business online, and make more money!

Access Our Entire Library of Audio, Video,
Download and Tutorial Material!

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What People Are Saying About Bob Bly and Fred Gleeck:

"When Bob Bly agrees to take on your copywriting project, you're hiring one of the best minds and writers in the world. It's been our pleasure working with Bob and his entire staff. He's simply 'the best'."
Ron Schmidt Ron Schmidt
Founder, CEO - Worldwide Media Corporation
"Once in a blue moon, you get the chance to meet a living legend, one of the great men who has shaped his chosen field.In my unending pursuit of powerful marketing, I came face-to-face with just such a man. Robert Bly is America's Top Copywriter and a genius marketer. He's authored over 70 books for McGraw Hill and others, and gets paid more per word than nearly every author in America. Like all great men, he is a teacher and mentor extraordinaire. He freely shares the secrets of turning marketing into money." Dick Larkin
“Fred Gleeck’s coaching services have become an invaluable part of my business success. I have been collecting email addresses on my website for many years, but after just one idea from Fred Gleeck, my list literally doubled in 12 months and visitors to my website went up four-fold. His unique insight has resulted in significant sales for my company that simply would not exist otherwise. If you want to bolster your business, then you need Fred Gleeck.” Roger Simmermaker

I have very much enjoyed, and profited, from your website.

John R. Claydon
"During the past 20 years, Bob Bly has become one of America's leading direct response copywriters. He has probably done more to teach other writers the craft of effective and persuasive writing than anyone else." Roger C. Parker
“I have been to a LOT of seminars and spent 10′s of thousands of dollars on business education in the last 12 months. I’ve been to many good seminars and many B.S. no content pitch-a-thons as well so I’m qualified to say that Freds was by far one of the absolute best valued seminars I’ve ever been to.” Phil Barnao
“Fred Gleeck’s knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!”
Don Hutson Don Hutson
Past President, NSA;
Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning

Access Our Entire Library of Audio, Video,
Download and Tutorial Material!

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